Re: Zonealrm: Need to identify the source of outgoing request

You can't with a free version.

Did you check program part of the log. It should be there.

If it is not(first enable trial for Pro version from ZoneAlarm free user interface, you can restore to free version after trial version ends), then create expert rule to block all program to connect through port 80 and enable log for that rule. Leave over night and maybe you will find out. Don't do it while you are working since by blocking port 80 you wan't have access to WWW servers. You can specify time range in expert rules.

cpurvis3@xxxxxxx wrote:
I'm running ZoneAlarm free version.

Every night (it seems) I have a few ip's that ZoneAlarm is successfully
blocking going out from my pc to port 80 of the following ip's (the
names I got from ip lookups): Level 3 Communications, Inc Global Crossing nLayer Communications, Inc

It appears these hosts are all running AkamaiGHost.

The logs don't indicate which process or program is originating the
request - the log's Program column is always empty.

How can I determine where/what application originated these request?
Should I allow them through?

The fact that I can't see which program/process may be associated with
the outgoing attempts - could this be because I'm using the free
version (not the pro version)?
...thanks for your help!
P.S - I have anti virus sw (from Zonealarm) - there's no indication
it's some kind of a virus.