Re: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing?

This seems to be useful for testing my local machine, but I can't see how to
put a remote IP or hostname into it before hitting that red button.

Am I missing something?

"Anders" <andersajja@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ross M. Greenberg wrote:
I'm in the process of evaluating some software firewalls. I want to test
their effectiveness by running some remote vulnerability and penetration
tests on my local box. Local box running the test on is running windows
XP. The firewall is running on some version of Linux.

The tester software has to be freely downloadable.

Any suggestions?


Ross M. Greenberg
You don't have to down load nessus just to scan you're
network from the outside.
There is one site unfortunately it is in swedish but the result is in
english. just click on the red button and the test will
start (it can take a little more than 30min), just remember not to close
you're browser during the test.

It is a better test then the ShieldsUP on