Re: Zonealrm: Need to identify the source of outgoing request

cpurvis3@xxxxxxx wrote:

[ZoneAlarm in a wrong way, bypassing my bullshit filter]

I'm running ZoneAlarm free version.


Every night (it seems) I have a few ip's that ZoneAlarm is successfully
blocking going out from my pc to port 80 of the following ip's (the
names I got from ip lookups): Level 3 Communications, Inc Global Crossing nLayer Communications, Inc

It appears these hosts are all running AkamaiGHost.

Congratulations, you're DoSing yourself.

The logs don't indicate which process or program is originating the
request - the log's Program column is always empty.

Which logs?

How can I determine where/what application originated these request?

As usual.

Should I allow them through?

What a stupid question.

could this be because I'm using the free
version (not the pro version)?

No, this is because ZoneAlarm is a toy for playing. And you should stop
playing now.

P.S - I have anti virus sw (from Zonealarm) - there's no indication
it's some kind of a virus.

And how would you get any serious indication?

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