Re: Firewalls, Would do you use? or would you recommend?

benson_james@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
VB agree with you there - NAT is not possible with the solution,
besides the fact the admin will be a pain in the arse with all the
services, the server will be hosted in London, we are planning on
running alot of games! BF2, looking at hosting a 64 player server,
Ghost recon - as many as possible, 2 x RVS server - upto 24 players,
maybe not all at once but there will be alot going on...

NAT - Impossible!

Any other suggestions on Firewall Application compatible with Windows
XP 64 Bit.

A FW application that's running on the XP workstation that's worth anything -- come on man?

Why don't you take it up to a server O/S Win 2K or Win 2k3? You may find server based FW applications there that that may work for you.

You do know that Windows XP licensing is only going to allow 10 concurrent connections to it don't you?

Heck, you'll be better off trying to do something with a NAT FW router than some host based solution running on a Win XP pro workstation. :)

Duane :)

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