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It would help if we knew what "rebuilding" means in this context

Thanx for the reply.

Moving same OS and programs to different MB, HDD and NICs. Old AT system's
been running near continuous 24/7 for 6 years and HDD's getting noisy.

order in which devices are enumerated on the PCI bus, in which case some

This seems unlikely, as ISA NICs were not uncommon when old system was
built. 'Twould be a very dumb algorithm for discerning which NIC was

Pisser there's 1 ruleset for 2 NICs, and that it's not editable in text
form. If there were a separate ruleset for each NIC 'twould be no problem.

juggling of NICs vs PCI slots is likely to resolve it.

The NIC for the external network is on the MB, the one for the internal
network is a gigabit PCI card. Won't the MB NIC always have a lower I/O
address than a PCI card?

Hard to believe this limitation would be built in to such a fine FW. There
must be a way around it.

"Won't the MB NIC always have a lower I/O address than a PCI card?"

Not necessarily. The first NIC the o/s detects is the first one listed. I
suspect when you rebuilt the system the gigabit NIC was installed. Hence
when the o/s detected both NICs, it chose the gigabit NIC as the first and
the one on the mobo second.

If you want to resolve this issue, rebuild the system without the gigabit
NIC installed. That way the o/s only detects the one on the mobo and hence
it becomes the first NIC. Then install the gigabit NIC and it will become
the second NIC.

In closing I will concur that the Conseal Firewall is a damn good firewall.
Probably one of the best stateful firewalls available for a PC.

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