Re: I am sick of windows firewall

Volker Birk wrote:

V S Rawat <VSRawat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Volker Birk wrote:
louise <louise@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For example, Adobe Reader always
wants to update - I set Sygate to stop it.
And you have all exploits in this software. And your
computer is being infected by the very first PDF with
malware in it. Congratulations.
Why don't you talk a bit sweeter?
You are making it sound as if whoever installs adobe intends
to get infected like that. Making one worried, and being

Sarcastic? It's cynicism. It's cynicism, that "Personal
Firewalls" entraping people to act like Louise here. It's
cynicism, that those "security system providers" catch
billions of dollars for crap. For endangering people, like

That is why it is a responsibility thrusted by divinity upon
your strong shoulders to find out and tell us which are the
effective, free software which will be able to do what different
users want to do in their knowledge level which is less than

Adobe software, as many other software, too, is far from being
perfect. So is Adobe Reader, too. From time to time it has

za catches its "I am now going to update" exploit very
effectively. windows firewall doesn't because windows' 10s of
software are themselves doing what adobe is doing.

Stopping keeping it up to date endangers not only the user who
does so, it endangers many other users which are attacked from
this box afterwards.

usenet is not a place for discussion among veterans. It is a
place for providing usefull guidance from veteran to newbies.

You did take some 15-18 years to raise you son. You didn't teach
him all your knowledge when he was just one year old.

And you ask me to be "sweeter"?

Recall that your son agreed and understood the best when you
were the sweetest. :)

And I am talking about the duration before he started
understanding what bulls and bees do.