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Leythos wrote:

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So for the very small benefit of "controlling what lets
itself control" you're getting huge security drawbacks. This
is what I'm critizising.

Except that they seem (some of them at least) to keep
computers protected for years where the user was compromised
monthly before.

I've personally seen a home with several kids that use the
family computer, where it was compromised every month by
things that the kids where doing, that remained free of
malware for more than a year after installing ZoneAlarm Pro (I
only tracked it for a year, that's why I say 'year' in my time

I can understand the merit of that observation.

inbound traffic doesn't come on its own. I am sure that no
hacker/cracker is sitting at his computer monitoring my pc, so
that, as soon as I go online, he will start sending traffic to
my pc.

inbound traffic comes AFTER some outbound traffic occurs from
our pc. Our computer sends something that does something over
there somewhere, and inbound traffic starts arriving.

Thus, if we could control outbound traffic, and know that
whatever is going out from our pc is going to trusted places,
then there are much less chance that a bad inbound traffic will
arrive at our pc.

I've seen other systems protected from attack and malware by
other personal firewall applications, ones that would have
been compromised without the PFW.


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