Re: I am sick of windows firewall

V S Rawat wrote:

However, it is certainly not correct that when I install a
program that means I have given a blanket permission to connect
to net.

It is. If the program wants to connect to the net, no Personal Firewall
or whatsoever will stop it.

There are several programs which have made a habit of
connecting to net.

So why do you install such programs?

Most common excuse is to check their updates, or to download
some driver or extensions.

Rightout, why don't you configure the programs to not do so? So far I
haven't seen any pseudo-legitimate program that doesn't allow to do so.

I don't want them to do it without my permission,

Then don't install them or pull the plug!

at least not without my knowledge.

Well, why not running TcpView?

And all their options are quite hidden
somewhere is millions of options/ preferences/ settings,

This is not true and you know that is isn't!

that it will make one go mad if he tries to silent every program
right at the time of installing xp.

So? Configuration is necessary anyway!

Then, several programs just don't have any option to make them
totally silent.

Yeah, so far the only known are ZoneAlarm (!) and DC++. DC++ can be
recompiled from source with the according option disabled.

Several program will not give any option to
manually check for updates. It is necessary to select the
biggest duration, like monthly in wmp.

Wrong. WMP update check can be disabled in Group Golicy.

HKLM\SW\M$\MediaPlayer\PlayerUpgrade -> "EnableAutoUpgrade"="no"
HKLM\SW\Policies\M$\WindowsMediaPlayer ->"DisableAutoUpdate"=dword:1

If you try to install a hardware, first option you
get is "find driver on net"

Disabled within Group Policy.

When I use za, then I, at least, come to know that a program is
trying to make a connection. At that time, I can stop it for

No, you can't. You can try to, but you'll most likely fail.

Thus, windows firewall is a cripple that it does not control,
nor report outbound traffic.

Wrong. It is fully aware that such a control doesn't work, so it doesn't
even try, doesn't implement and therefore has reduced complexity.
Actually a very good design decision!

1. Now, if there is some other firewall that controls/ reports
outbound traffic, please do suggest it to me. Till then, goodbye
to windows firewall. za stays.

report: netstat, TcpView, ActivePorts...
control: you'd wish to have control!

2. Is there any method of silensing za from reporting internal
traffic on the pc.

So far not.