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"V S Rawat" <VSRawat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Volker Birk wrote:

V S Rawat <VSRawat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I had uninstalled zone alarm 6.1 free, and gone to xp
firewall a week ago.
But, it seems I am more sick of windows firewall because
programs keep on accessing net without having a mention in
windows firewall. I am using Thunderbird, Firefox, Free
download manager, hamster, and several such software that I
see connecting to net. But, there is not mention of them in
firewall window.

Yes. And this is intended.

Zonealarm was at least having a mention of each program that
was connecting to net.

No. Zone Alarm was tricking you by claiming this - as a matter
of fact, Zone Alarm only shows what it notices - it only
controls, what lets Zone Alarm control it.

So this is useless anyways.

- yesterday, bloody autoupdate downloaded some full 36
updates and I could not find any way of stopping that in
windows firewall.

Better keep your system up to date. A firewall cannot protect
you from every exploit in your operating systems or

So, Windows-Firewall does a good job here.


Nice to find three die-hard Gates fans in Duane, Sebastian and

It doesn't look that way to me.

That does bring some question about basic working of net
connections before I decide upon firewall.

I use Thunderbird as mail reader. It directly connects to net
and fetches mails. Then Why should it not appear in the list of
windows firewall?

Because the windows firewall does not concern itself with applications which
make outbound connections. To control whether or not such an application can
make an outbound connection or not, you simply decide whether to install it or
not. If you install a mail reader it does what was intended - it fetches mail.

I use Hamster to download my news. It directly connects to net
and fetches newsposts. Then Why should it not appear in the list
of windows firewall?

See above.

Both the above are appearing in za.

Of course, ZA will tell you anything in an attempt to look useful, but you
already knew your applications were making outbound connections didn't you?
Why else did you install a mail reader and a news reader?

Now, I use xananews as my newsreader, but it doesn't connect to
net. it connects to localserver in hamster which has got
downloaded posts, and fetches posts from there.

It is not connecting to net, then why does it appear in za list?

Probably because ZA likes to filter localhost. This increases the number of
unnecessary popup messages which make ZA look useful but which are completely
useless to users like yourself.

It is not appearing in windows firewall list.

An application which makes outbound connections does not appear in the Windows
firewall list.
An application which accepts inbound connections (listens) may appear in the

I use firefox for browsing, it is not appearing in windows
firewall list. it is appearing in za list.

The fact that you use it says it has to make outbound connections, so what is
the problem??

I use free download manager. it is not appearing in windows
firewall list. it is appearing in za list.

The fact that you use it says it needs to make outbound connections, so what is
the problem??

Side note - free download managers sometimes come with spyware or other crapware

When I click on a link in metapad (a notepad replacement), that
link should open in firefox. Thus, metapad doesn't directly
connect to net. firefox does.

Probably because netpad is using firefox.

In that case, why the hell za asks internet access permission
for metapad?

See above.

Have you removed ZA and got your external firewall box yet?
It will help clear the fog.


hope that will clear the fog and would help me see clearly.


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