Re: Kids bypassing firewall via web proxy sites

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Don Kelloway wrote:

As with anything, IE can be made extremely secure if it has been
appropriately configured and locked down to prevent change.

Wrong. There are actually many unpatched security holes in IE that
cannot be workarounded with Windows' standard tools, and filtering at a
proxy level would break down any website to simply formatted text and
tables. Just take
<> - you have
the choice: stylesheets cannot be disabled, configuring a user
stylesheet doesn't work and stripping all CSS formatting makes websites,
well, you know...

I beg to differ.

Example: If I attempt to display the URL you offer as an example in my
configuration of IE. Guess what happens? Absolutely nothing. In fact all I
receive is 'Your current security settings do not allow this file to be
downloaded" message. Now why do you think that is?

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