Re: VOLKER--Re: Kids bypassing firewall via web proxy sites

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Leythos <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Think again VB, email wont send to spam@xxxxxxxxx, so it can't be

Yes. That's exactly what he wrote.

A spam with From:president@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and To:void@xxxxxxxxxxx gets
sent via an open relay (or a Zombie, or whatever). The mailer daemon
tries to look up the MX for nowhere.lan, cannot find it, and sends an
error message to the From-address.

Do you get it now? By using a nonexistent adress you increase the
number of bounces that the owner of the faked From receives.

So are you suggesting that we should use valid email addresses and
endure the spam and the abuse just because someone else is too stupid to
setup filtering for his guess-able and forgeable email address?

You have to be kidding.

I have seen lots of lame arguments before, but this one takes the prize.

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