Re: VOLKER--Re: Kids bypassing firewall via web proxy sites

In article <7ISRf.14359$g91.12674@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Leythos <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In article <4417baec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
No Spam <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Considering the fact that you don't understand what entertainment is, I
am not surprised why what I posted went flying over your head.

Perhaps, sometimes you will understand, why a fake mail address does NOT
prevent from Spam at all, but double Spam and send it to other people.

At this point of time, maybe you will realize, in what way you contributed
to entertainment here. Cynical speaking.

Actually, a fake email address, one that is not pointing at a valid
domain, doesn't "double" spam, or send it to other people. Using a fake
email address that points to a real domain is always bad and does
increase spam.

I use to use void@xxxxxxxxxxx, then was bought, so now I use
void@xxxxxxxxxxx since .lan isn't valid.

He does not seem to understand many things, that one was hilarious,
claiming that an address like nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx would receive spam.

The guy(?) is a loony.


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