Re: Kids bypassing firewall via web proxy sites

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Jazz wrote:

I work for a K - 12 school.

In my opinion, we have some very fair rules and regulations regaurding
internet and computer use.

We use a Sonicwall firewall, 3060, I subscribe to content fltering,
which I love. It keeps out all the horrible junk that kids may
accidently come across (Or purposely) and it covers our rear.

Due to recent events, and some within the school, I have been ordered
to block

I have several other sites faculty and staff have asked me to block
within the content filtering section of my sonicwall admin page.

However, some students got smart, and searched google for proxy and
anonymous. Thousands of results come up, allowing them to type in any
website they like (including myspace) and surf around on it, bypassing
my firewall.

There is an option in sonicwall that says "Restrict Web Features::" and
I checked "Access to HTTP Proxy Servers" But I am still able to get to
sites via these proxy sites that shoulf be blocked...

Any advice? Thanks in advance!


Install an internal proxy. Configure the firewall to enforce use of the
internal proxy exclusively.

I agree, and CyBlock is the way to go, because it
is a proxy and filter in one, I recommend it.

You may loose your life to proxy maintenance, but you will regain control.