Re: Kids bypassing firewall via web proxy sites

Volker Birk wrote:
E. <bellyup@xxxxxxx> wrote:
If you think effective content filtering is impossible why don't you try it?

Why trying something which is impossible already in theory, and I'm
seeing everyday the problems this stuff has?

Recently I had one client filtering for "AdId=" (case insensitive) and
wondering why why couldn't access some forums
(http://www.someforum.invalid/board/view.php?threadid=blah). And that's
still harmless in comparison to the one filtering for

It's just like with detecting tunneling. You can try it and you may have
success. And, of course, you may not. It's just not secure.

A better point it that's is practically inefficient. Virus scanning
isn't secure either, but it's pretty efficient if done correctly and
gives a good host-based IDS.