Re: Anti-spyware at the Gateway

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If you whitelist by category

This does not work at all.

Websense makes this possible and feasible.

I doubt that. If one single site remains reachable, which supports
proxying or even inline gatewaying, then this will not work at all.
And there are so many sites, that it is very unlikely, that whitelist
filtering in such a way will ever work.

They are, in fact, blocked. If one gets through, it would be through an
event such as getting noticed and categorized one way and changing content
afterwards. But as soon as you tried more than a few of "so many sites" and
got repeated blocks in that very special category, your machine would be on
watch from other means, and would subsequently be caught doing such

There is no such thing like a categorization of harmless web sites.

Why not? Perhaps you should examine Websense. There is indeed such a thing.
Your saying it doesn't exist, doesn't make that so.

At the same
time you can block the categories found under the broad headings of
"potential liability", "potential security risk" and "potential resource
waste" for example.

Waste. Yes.

"Don't try to solve social problems with technical means. It will not

One might argue that you are trying to solve a technical problem with social
means. :-)

Anyway, you assume that this Websense is being used in a vacuum with your
arguments. It is a useful technical part of an overall program. The fact
that it really does what it is supposed to, which seems to
amaze/elude/surprise you, makes it worth the very large sum of money that it