Re: Anti-spyware at the Gateway

"Volker Birk" <bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Jason <Jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm guessing then that the only IT work you do is at home or on
computers and no real work.
Nice guess. And wrong.
Then in that case you should know why companies use things like
white/blacklists and filter access to the internet etc.

I know, why companies like filtering. I really don't understand, why
someone wants to have whitelist filtering. Then you don't need Internet
access for your staff at all.

If you whitelist by category, you can give rather broad access while still
keeping it to the purposes of business or at least business plus harmless
personal areas. Websense makes this possible and feasible. At the same
time you can block the categories found under the broad headings of
"potential liability", "potential security risk" and "potential resource
waste" for example.