Re: Firewall Stealth Mode?

Leythos wrote:

Nope, in fact, I had to disable part of the firewall rules just to be
able to download it as the code would not pass through the firewall to
the local machines.

You really don't want to get the point, do you? And obviously your
network seems to be locked down to unusability. You don't even trust
your very own download requests?

Then, after running it, it didn't do what he said,
seems it only works on unsecured machines in their default settings.

Hm... did you ever read the code and understand what it does? You might
understand that with Active Desktop disabled for sure it won't work. :-)

But you might use the Help Center instead, or an IFilter triggered
WinHTTP download, or many other curious thing (hey Volker, here're some
nice ideads). Just write your own code.
There are so many scripting methods provided just by COM+ that you won't
be able just to adress a little part of them. And I guess you should
know how to find out how your system behaves with COM+ interaction
disabled. Not fine.