Re: zonelabs blocking internet access even when uninstalled!

On 6 Mar 2006 00:31:54 -0800, zapzapzapzap64@xxxxxxxxxxx put finger to
keyboard and composed:

However, I later got the 'internet access denied' message again, so
this time I uninstalled zonelabs, renamed the internet log files etc,
and carried on with the windows firewall. This seemed to work, but when
I booted up my machine this morning I got the 'zonelabs denied internet
access' message in my browser AGAIN, even though zonelabs is no longer
installed !!

I don't know about Win XP, but in Win98SE ZoneAlarm loads vsdata95.vxd
which can interfere with Internet access even if ZA has been prevented
from launching at boot time.

See this post for a description of the problem:

- Franc Zabkar
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