Re: Trying to Figure out What's OK and What to Block

I have a Win Xp computer that I can't seem to get working right on
the internet.


I have a broadband connection and a router. The other computer connected to the same router works fine.


When I first start it it works fine. After a while I cannot connect to anything on the internet unless I reboot.


I am trying to set up the rules so that I block everything that doesn't need to connect to the internet.

And these rules are?

One thing I am not sure of is something identified only as "SYSTEM"

The local system process, I guess.

which looks like it wants to send and recieve UDP traffic to the router

Might be DNS.

and send and recieve to and from the other computer.

Might be file and printer sharing.

Could blocking this be causing me to lose the internet connection?

If it is blocking DNS.

I do not use the router as a way to network the two computers.

But your computers are not plugged into a router, they are plugged into
a switch. Whether you intend the switch to network the PCs is
irrelevant, the switch is providing its primary function.

Usually it says something to the effect that one computer wants to
send a UDP datagram to the other computer on port 137.

NetBIOS Name Service.

Should I allow this?

If you intend to resolve NetBIOS names using the NetBIOS Name Service.
If it is bothersome it may be disabled.