Re: Trying to Figure out What's OK and What to Block

Fish lips wrote:
I have a Win Xp computer that I can't seem to get working right on the

I have a broadband connection and a router. The other computer
connected to the same router works fine.

I had the old version of Kerio (2.1.5) on both, I switched to the free
Tiny firewall on the problem computer just to see if the firewall was
the problem.

The personal FW is the problem.

When I first start it it works fine. After a while I cannot connect
to anything on the internet unless I reboot.

I am trying to set up the rules so that I block everything that
doesn't need to connect to the internet.

For what? It's a worthless endeavor. The machines are behind a NAT router and it's not a wireless NAT router. But some line to use a personal FW behind the NAT router and there is no harm and no foul, if it's not getting in the way.

One thing I am not sure of is something identified only as "SYSTEM"
which looks like it wants to send and recieve UDP traffic to the
router and send and recieve to and from the other computer.

If you didn't have the PFW sitting there whining about nothing behind the NAT router, then it would be no concern to you.

Could blocking this be causing me to lose the internet connection?

Who knows? If the PFW is disabled behind the router does the machine have an Internet connection?

I do not use the router as a way to network the two computers. I only
use it to allow each computer onto the internet. So there is no
logical reason for the computers to be talking to each other.

They are trying to talk to each other due to the simple fact that they are connected to the router. The router is the gateway device that allows the computers to access the WAN (Wide Area Network)/Internet and provides the plumbing that's going to allow the machines to see and talk to each other on the LAN (Local Area Network).

it says something to the effect that one computer wants to send a UDP
datagram to the other computer on port 137. Should I allow this?

Hey, other machine on the LAN I have discovered that you're on the LAN I see you. *Other machine on the LAN* -- yeah I discovered you and I see you too. Both machines reply okay dokey will talk again later.

Duane :)