removal of ZA makes spampal work

A few days ago, I had installed spampal but it never marked any
mail as spam for my TB. And my inter-software traffic between my
PC was very slow. I have written about these in several threads.

Going by the suggestions of various members of this ng, today I
gathered courage and stopped ZA 6.1 free version (not
uninstalled, just exit-ed it, and asked not to load at startup.)

Then, I put the charge in the hands of xp windows firewall.

And, when I booted the computer, spampal is working in full
swing and the speed of pc has also returned its old good self.

I am quite satisfied.

Hope some other members could also give it a try and see whether
their problems get reduced.

I was using ZA 4.5 free version for some years, this 6.1 I had
downloaded and installed just a fortnight ago, and it was
causing all sorts of problems.

This closes all my threads. Thanks for your patience and right
directions you all had provided.

While we are at it, how do we get windows firewall icon in the
systray for quick inclusion/exclusion of programs.

For that matter, windows firewall seems to already include the
program for access without giving me any alert at all, ever
since I started using it.