Re: Software/Hardware firewall interaction?

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
galt_57@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Question: Connect to and take a look at the reply. The
source adress of the related packets is

[ ]
[ ] your public adress
[ ] your router's local adress
[ ] your local adress
[ ]

Using what software?

None, it's trivial if you just got a little clue about NAT.
But if you really need a network sniffer, then try Ethereal.

Anyway, didn't you get the point? Without a big and deep comprehensive
understanding of TCP/IP you cannot achieve any security through
host-based packet filters or firewalls, no matter what certain colorful
click-here-wizards wants to tell you.

Ok, so what books on TCP/IP would you suggest? Any in particular?