Re: Changed ZA settings on the recommendations of AVG

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Having Zone Alarm free 6.1.737.0 on XPsp2, and AVG
Antivirus free edition.

Reading the avg manual about firewall setting, I have
done the following changes in ZA:

a) Allowed:
1. AVG E-mail scanner,
2. AVG update downloader, and,
3. generic host processor for win32

to have access to "Server" for Trusted as well as
Internet. ZA had previously set those to "not-allowed".

There's no need to give any of those programs 'Server'
rights to the Internet. I would advise just giving them
normal outbound access to the Internet, not 'Server', set
'Server' to Deny. Setting Server to Allow in the Internet
Zone just let's those programs listen for unsolicited
inbound connections, something which they don't need and
which you don't want them to have anyway, especially


I have removed their "server" rights. thanks for the tip.

Good move.. In general, most programs don't need 'server'
rights. You will know it when one does because it won't work
without it. One example might be p2p apps as most of them
need to be open to inbound connections.

btw, do local servers also need that right?

I use hamster which runs its local pop3/ nntp servers. It
downloads mails/news from net and supplies them by local servers
to other programs (TB, xananews).

It is working without server rights, but it has recently become
very-very slow.