Re: MS VPN through SonicWall TZ-170...

"Mike" <mikey117@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"Mike" <mikey117@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I need to allow a vendor to make a VPN connection to a server on our
network. We have a SonicWall TZ-170 with the VPN option, but the vendor
can't install the SonicWall VPN client on their computer.
How can I set this up using the MS VPN client?

I would assume you would use IPsec that's on the Win2K and up O/S(s)
(host) the server and (client) the user machine -machine to machine or
software to software VPN connection.

Duane :)

Any particular ports I mi9ght want to open, etc?
I tried 1723, but couldn't make the connection...

It sounds like what you want to do is to allow a VPN 'through' the SonicWALL
'to' a server located on the private (protected) side. And by reference to
port 1723 which is used by MS PPTP, I am almost certain that is what you
want to do. If so then you'll need to ensure that you've defined the
Firewall policy to allow PPTP (TCP port 1723) inbound from the 'net to the
PPTP server and you should be good to go.

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