Re: Software Firewall

I was actually thinking of wiring the two together, but I didn't think it
could be done. I also didn't think about the WAP scenario either. Oh well,
live and learn I guess!

"Duane Arnold" <NotMe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
K2NNJ wrote:
Thanks for the help and info!

If it were me, I would use the wired router as the gateway router, disable
DHCP on the wireless router making it a wire/wireless AP switch still
using the MAC and whatever else wireless security the can be enabled as it
being a wire/WAP switch and plug it into that wire router. The wire
computer seems to have better security and FW features than the wireless
has like stopping *outbound*.

You can apply the information in the link to your Netgear equipment as the
principles of connecting two routers together are the same no matter if
they are two wired, two wireless or wire and wireless routes or brand

People run out to get a wireless router when they already have a wired
router and all they needed was a standalone WAP device plugging it into
the wire router to have wireless and went on about their business.

Duane :)