Re: Software Firewall

K2NJ wrote:
I have no way of telling if it blocks outbound. I would have to contact Netgear direct. However, I can control who uses my network. The router has a feature where you can only allow access by either IP or MAC address of a NIC.

If that router can stop outbound traffic, then you would *clearly* see the means of setting rules to stop outbound traffic by a LAN IP, port or protocol in the user manual. If you have not seen it in the user manual, then the router cannot do it.

Does the router have a syslog so that you can review traffic to from the router? I feel that is a must you should have with any router, otherwise you're blind -- very important on a wireless setup.

The MAC filtering is for the wireless I would suspect, which the MAC can be spoofed by a hacker on the wireless and they can still come at your machines on the wireless coming at the machines wired or wireless or they can just use your wireless setup to access the Internet wirelessly. The MAC filtering is good for stopping the casual user/hacker.

The IP I would suspect is for blocking by IP for inbound traffic I guess. I couldn't tell you if that's for a LAN or WAN IP or it can do both LAN and WAN IP(s) on the inbound.

Duane :)

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