Re: Software Firewall

I have no way of telling if it blocks outbound. I would have to contact
Netgear direct. However, I can control who uses my network. The router has
a feature where you can only allow access by either IP or MAC address of a

"Duane Arnold" <NotMe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
K2NNJ wrote:
I was previously using a Netgear FR114P. From their website the only
difference I can see between the two is:

1. It's obviously not wireless and,
2. It's ICSA certified

Other than those two is there a difference?

Well, ICSA certified means the router has gone through some kind of
testing procedures that are an industry standard. The wireless version of
the router has not I guess as you have indicated.

I don't use a Netgear you tell me. Does the router meet the specs for what
an Internet FW software or hardware solution is supposed to do? Does the
router meet all of the requirements? If the router meets them, then you're
good to go and you don't need a PFW behind it. If the router doesn't, then
you may want to supplement the protection of the NAT router, especially on
outbound protection.

Can you set/create rules to stop both inbound and outbound traffic on the
LAN to LAN machines, WAN to LAN or LAN to WAN between machines with the
router, along with the other things that are being specified in the link
above about an Internet FW hardware or software?

You might want to go beyond the protection of the router with a PFW on the
machines, since you have a wireless situation and someone could join/hack
your wireless network on the air waves and come at the machines, unless
the wireless router can control inbound and outbound traffic between
machines on the LAN, then you don't need a PFW.

Duane :)


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