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Volker Birk wrote:
Duane Arnold <NotMe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Volker Birk wrote:

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If you're not doing the high risks things with the router like port forwarding, then you should be OK.

Hm... could be a signature ;-) Duane, how should a router work without
port forwarding?

And what are you asking here? All ports on the router are closed by default to unsolicited inbound traffic. One starts opening inbound ports by using *port forwarding* that allows unsolicited traffic to come down the port or ports to Internet sever applications running on a machine, with the O/S, the Internet server applications, etc. etc not secured to face the Internet, then one has some potential problems -- no not potential problems - they got problems.

OK. You don't mean packet forwarding.

VB.oO( Whatever you mean... )

Have you used a NAT router? If you have used a NAT router and you had a WEB server running behind the NAT router that you wanted exposed to the Internet on HTTP port 80 along with 20 and 21 for the FTP so that unsolicted traffic (any client machine on the Internet can contact the site), then you know what *port forwarding* on the router means. If you don't want anyone to conatct the site on the ports with unsolicted traffic, then you don't port forward ports or traffic to the IP/machine that has the WEB server running -- those ports are closed to unsolicted inbound traffic.

This is basic here VB and you should know this.

Tell me that you're joking here. :)

Duane :)