Re: Software Firewall

Volker Birk wrote:
Duane Arnold <NotMe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you're not doing the high risks things with the router like port forwarding, then you should be OK.

Hm... could be a signature ;-) Duane, how should a router work without
port forwarding?

And what are you asking here? All ports on the router are closed by default to unsolicited inbound traffic. One starts opening inbound ports by using *port forwarding* that allows unsolicited traffic to come down the port or ports to Internet sever applications running on a machine, with the O/S, the Internet server applications, etc. etc not secured to face the Internet, then one has some potential problems -- no not potential problems - they got problems.

For the average home user that most likely will never use port forwarding, they are safe as the ports are closed to unsolicited inbound traffic. One starts opening those ports manually on the router to unsolicited inbound traffic and all bets are off.

Duane :)

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