Re: I'm fed up with symantec, firewall advice needed

Sorry James, I disagree, I've had the same problems as MS has had with
Symantec. Every other update with them required re-installation of the
program followed by long and multiple d/l's. I purged all vestiges of
Symantec from my system and went with Zone Alarm Free and AVG. Never a
problem since. Best damn moved I've made in a long time. I will never have
Symantec on any of my machines again!!!


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I'm fed up with symantec; almost every time I need a subscription
renewal for Norton AV / Internet Security I'm told my product is no
longer 'supported' and I need an upgrade, when all I want is new AV
definitions and Internet Security updates. For 2 days I've been
trying to get a response from their website but as soon as you enter
the product you want renewals for the page fails to load. Faced with
this I rang them, spent 15 mins on hold, then spoke to a very
unhelpful woman who's English was not great, answered 'exactly' to 2
of my questions (in so doing failing to answer them) and who seemed
irritated by my questions. So I will look elsewhere...

What decent firewall software should I look at for a PC running
Win2000 Pro? Is there any good free software out there? Or reasonably
priced software that will charge me a modest fee for the following
year's security updates without hitting me every time for the whole
cost of the software?

If you don't like dealing with Symantec, then stay away from ZoneAlarm.
Every time I apply another update, it breaks something else or I have to
completely reconfigure it.

I've actually had pretty good luck with Notron Internet Security on my
XP boxes. I been thinking about deleting ZoneAlarm on my old Win2000
Pro system which already has NAV on it and loading Norton Internet
Security 2006 when my NAV subscription expires in about a month.

What exactly is Norton telling you isn't supported on Win2000 Pro? My
Norton Internet Security 2006 Home Protection Pack includes "Windows
2000 Pro with SP3 or higher" in the System Requirements information
right on the box.

James T. White


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