Re: Please help me interpret a suspicious netstat SYN_SENT TCP port 1058 ?

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You know, I always wondered why the first webcam (to achieve much publicity
anyway) was watchcing a coffee pot.

Then I got a job in a larger office full of developers and I found out.

I believe that is one of the still unanswered questions in
science, how to acurately specify requirements for QoS using
distributed coffee solutions in large networks.

I've done some research in the area, but the results are

The cost of high-performance equipment tend to be significant,
and with the current technology there will still be a threat
of congestion at peak hours.

A plain coffee pot will have to be sized after the expected
throughput, its size variations greatly affecting performance
in terms of temperature and other QoS factors. There is also
a problem when people empty the pot and fails to initiate the
process to refill it. This is more of a social problem, and
should be studied independently.

The coffee machines that deliver just one and one cup eliminates
most of the QoS problems, but are more prone to congestion.
Further research is needed in this area.

Anyone got links to related work or statistics?

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