Re: Please help me interpret a suspicious netstat SYN_SENT TCP port 1058 ?

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Eirik Seim wrote:
On Fri, 24 Feb 2006 13:17:59 +0100, Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:

Didn't get enough sleep? :-)

It's just a matter of balancing the equation with enough

Actually it's a race condition. To get awake, you need some coffee, but
you're too tired to get using the coffee machine.

But this is no problem since Emacs fully implements RFC 2324 (Hyper Text
Coffee Pot Control Protocol). And AFAIK recently someone has build a
coffee machine that supports it, too. Now that's serious concurrence for
my NetBSD toaster.

You know, I always wondered why the first webcam (to achieve much publicity
anyway) was watchcing a coffee pot.

Then I got a job in a larger office full of developers and I found out.