Re: Please help interpret Sygate Personal Firewall traffic log (ndisuio.sys)

Susan <miraweb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So, even if GRC is discredited, it seems that anything on port 1900 is
likely an attack

Yes. So what? As an estimation, 100% of the computers in the Internet
are under constant attack today, because of the botnets which drive such
automated attacks.

Just ignore that, when your box is secure.

Does everyone go through this
one by one squashing of invading insects in our systems?

No, why should someone?

Or is there a better way than to track down each and every connection?


The concept of flashing popups to the user for every "attack" is b0rken
anyway. Just secure your box and ignore such dumb-ass attacks.

My windows XP is updated for all critical updates including survive pack 2.
Norman Perry in c.s.f