Re: Zone Alarm & Wireless Access Point Security

Ajax <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Volker, the software that I mentioned included Bit Defender, Norton,
and a couple of other mainstream packages that simply did not
uninstall all of their components when they were uninstalled.

We're talking not about uninstall. Please read the text behind this

When my nephews machine started having problems with some spyware
that came with his computer games, I used Erase to delete his entire
hard drive and then I installed a safe image made with Acronis. We
have had no more problems since then.

This was the point ;-)

Unless the malware that you described has altered my routers logs,
there are no unusual connections at this time on any of my machine.

Let's hope it's true, and you have nothing overseen.

My windows XP is updated for all critical updates including survive pack 2.
Norman Perry in c.s.f

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