Re: Zone Alarm & Wireless Access Point Security

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There are a lot of differing opinions regarding software firewalls.
It is evident that even the best hardware appliances can't keep out
all the threats. So I research the problem and do what I think is
best, to date I think that Zone Alarm is a better option that the XP

There are a lot of folks in the industry who agree and there are
those who don't.

I used them here for years, but late last year, I bought a cheap
wireless NAT router so I could have 2 computers share the cable
connection here. Since then, I have removed the software firewalls that
I used to use. I am now so happy that I have the router. I suppose
somehow somewhere someone could (perhaps) break thru the router and get
in from the outside, but I have not seen it happen yet, and I personally
doubt it ever will. In my mind, the chances are greater that someone
could get thru a software firewall as they are more prone to bugs and
problems with config. I don't worry about outbound at all, since I keep
it clean here and it just isn't an issue.

But if you prefer ZA then fine. I prefer not to load up on tons of
security software and apps and just use some common sense and keep the
stuff off to start with. You should see some of the people on the
security forums... they must be running 2 dozen security apps. It's
ridiculous. I suspect that's all they use their machine for most of the

At any rate, whatever works for you.. :)