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Thanks for the advise. Following the link I
can see restrictions on number of users (i.e X700 < 150). Does this include
the users browsing the websites on my webserver or does it mean the
admin/VPN connections to the firewall?



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I am in process of building 2 servers that will be hosted in a
The first one will be a IIS6 web server and the second SQL Server which I
need to access via remote control/MMC console from the internet. Could
someone suggest a good firewall or the configuration methodology.

Only expose the web server via HTTP or HTTPS, when you want to manage
the servers, VPN into the firewall appliance and then set rules to allow
your VPN connection to access the servers as though you were on the LAN
with them.

Any major vendors firewall will provide what you need, but I like
WatchGuard, starting at the X700 series and above.


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