Re: Alito Confirmation Hearings/North American Figure Skating Championships

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> > > We have also improved the system to use all 65,536 ports, so that if
> > > least one port is open, it will get through. It can even get through
> > > firewalls by using a proxy if needed.
> > > The big double-whammy will occure on Tuesday, Wendesday and Thurday,
> > > when the North American Figure Skating Championships also take place
> Except that this doesn't work on a properly configured firewall/network.
> When is this lamer going to understand that it only works on home
> networks and on improperly setup corporate networks.

However, with WinControl, Internet Explorer can
be locked down for extra security, and prevent
changes to browser settings. WinControl is the
only way to lock down browser settings. That
adds extra security. I would just like to know
how this lamer is going to do now, if shops
put WinControl on their workstations.