Re: Wireless Security

brad_pitstain@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have set up a wireless router in my office for visiting clients.

If I set up security with WEP do I need to give each client a password?

For sure if you set-up WEP on the router, then each client's NIC must know the WEP key that's being used on the router so the machine can connect to the router and access the Internet. If they client's machine doesn't know the WEP key, the the machine is going to timeout getting a DHCP IP from the router. That IP most likely will be a IP the machine will get that was assigned by the O/S. The 169 IP will allow the machine to access other machines on the LAN. But the 169 IP will not allow the machine to access the Internet, because it never got a DHCP IP from the DHCP server on the router due to the WEP key the client machine is using or not using doesn't match the WEP key the router has been configured to use.

I heard that some wireless set-ups have a some kind of password set-up now that can be used by a wireless client. I don't know if that applies to WEP maybe WPA. I don't use wireless anymore.

So, either give the WEP key to the clients or don't enable WEP and leave the wireless network open and the clients can access the open wireless network without needing a WEP key.

You may want to a personal FW on your machine to protect it.

You can also post to alt.internet.wireless.

Duane :)