Re: Nokia IP330 / Checkpoing NG

exter_c@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently working to diagnose an issue with a Nokia IP330 running
> Checkpoint NG. The issue is particularly odd, I have never seen issues
> like that and I am stumped as to what the root cause of the problem is
> so that I can work to resolve it.
> Currently the network monitoring server is outside our management
> firewall. When the system is located outside the firewall we do not
> have any network related performance problems to the monitoring server.
> However when we move the network monitoring server to behind the Nokia
> IP330 server we have terrible network performance to the monitoring
> server.
> When I say terrible network performance I am seeing the following
> symptoms.
> - packet loss, ICMP loss of around 85% or higher.
> - very jumpy connection, and very very lagged response times.
> - unable to establish a new ssh connection to the server for some time,
> then it will finally connect after a several minute delay.
> Normally I would see those types of symptoms if the network
> connectivity and/or system load was very very high. However that is
> not the case. I can go and look at the system load on the monitoring
> server and I see that it is only around 5-15% CPU, 80% ram, iostat
> reports relatively low disk i/o and there is no I/O wait in top. If I
> check the network utilisation on the Cisco Catalyst 6509 (Running
> CatOS) interface its only around 1% (1Mbps). In all cases the
> interfaces are running at 100Mbps Full Duplex.
> I am getting no errors on the network interfaces on either the Server,
> Switch, Switch to Checkpoint, Checkpoint to router or anywhere else on
> the network. So i do not think that its a network related issue as far
> as the switching and routing infrastructure is concerned.
> The network performance only shows up on the monitoring server other
> systems on the same switch, subnet, vlan and checkpoint firewall
> interface see no performance issues. The interface on the checkpoint is
> on an expansion board and the checkpoint has a rule to pass all traffic
> from the monitoring server to the network subnets for monitoring. The
> problem only shows up when the ICMP monitoring is enabled, the service
> monitoring works fine without causing any performance problems. We have
> no icmp rate limits set on any of the switches either.
> If I check the checkpoint system the utilisation is very low, the
> system does not go above 50% utilisation across the board during the
> icmp monitoring poller. if we move the server so that it is stand-alone
> behind a stand-alone checkpoint / Nokia IP330 the system does not show
> the same symptoms.
> The NIC cards on the Server are Broadcom 10/100/1000 copper cards
> running with the boardcom driver on Redhat Enterprise Linux v3 update
> 3.
> Has anyone seen any sort of similar issues, or does anyone have any
> advice as to what I should be looking at. I am not 100% on the
> Checkpoints so any advice would be great as I am sure that is the root
> cause of the problem. I am just unable to conclusively prove it either
> way.

I understand from your description that you already verified the
collisions rates on the Cisco Switch and that the problem occurs only
with the monitoring server. If not, you can have a look at these
statistics on the switch.

Have you analyzed the traffic with SmartTracker? Is the traffic always
green (accepted)? Also check the SmartDefense configuration on the


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