Re: firewall SP2 is good?

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>Well I feel that Windows Firewall is not up to the mark. I installed
>windows XP with SP2 and always had the firewall on. As an example say,
>I did not add Yahoo Messenger in the exception list. I start Yahoo
>Messenger. A message pops up "yahoo.... is tring to connect to the
>internet...Unblock.....Block". While I see this message I find that
>Yahoo Messenger has already connected in the mean time. This is not
>what firewalls are supposed to do ? I don't know how to fix it so I
>installed some other firewall suite.

XP's firewall only blocks inbound connections, not outbound connections.
This is reasonable, if you've already got the malware on your system it
can and will defeat virtually anything that you (as a user) are capable
of doing.

In other words, by the time you install malware, it's all but too late
to use a firewall to stop it from connecting out again.

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