Re: Changed from a software to a hardware NETWORK PLACES won't display computer names

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Well you have to think about this. A 501 is being used in business solutions and I doubt that one would have to go through all of this just to install the thing.

A PIX is a complex beast. Yes, it is a business solution & businesses
that use it usually have a Cisco expert on staff fluent in the CLI
command syntax to make everything work as it should. Directly out of
the box, the way I understand it, a PIX is configured to deny
everything. Commands must then be then systematically entered to open
up and configure the desired services. Starting from ground zero for a
Cisco newbie is daunting task.

Make it easy on yourself and call Thec Support and be done with it.

If it's a new PIX he'll be entitled to 90 days tech support & after
that he'll need a SmartNet contract.

Indeed. The Pix is probably the hardest firewall to use, and easiest to mis configure. This leads people to set it up and never configure it again.

On the other hand, if you take the time to learn the Pix it is a very good product and quite reliable.

You'd be surprised how many companies use the Pix and have no idea how to configure it.

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