Re: Is there a firewall that can block a particular connection?

"Casey Klc" <casey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> In article <1136507196.669803.3720@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> artech@xxxxxxxxx says...
>> "Opera [Opera.exe] is trying to connect to
>>[] using remote port 80 [HTTP -
>> World Wide Web]. Do you want to allow this program to access the
>> network?"
>> If I choose "No" my firewall (Sygate) won't let Opera (my web browser)
>> access ANY address. If I choose "Yes" the firewall will let Opera
>> access ALL next addresses without further notification. I find this
>> "all or nothing" tactic for the browser at least stupid and extremely
>> unsafe!
>> So is there a software firewall that would let me choose (with a click
>> or two) to block a particular connection instead of the whole internet
>> access for the browser?
> Gordon, it's not a big deal to set Sygate to do what you want.
> You don't need to have all or nothing with Opera. Do this in
> Sygate:
> Application Rules: Allow Opera; remote port 80, 443; act as
> client not as server.
> Go to tools/advanced rules/click add. Work the tabs L to R and
> fill in the blanks with:
> Description: block
> Action: block
> Remote Host-IP address:
> Ports and Protocols: TCP; remote port 80; both in/out
> Application: check Opera
> Use the UP arrow and run this rule up near the top if
> you have other adv. rules.
> Thats it--Opera cannot connect to
> Casey

That's fine as long as
a) he doesn't mind looking up IP's for sites he wants to connect to
b) he's willing to ignore other sites hosted at other IP's that are part of
the same top level domain
c) the site in question uses only one IP to host the top level page
d) he understands that when the DNS entry changes his blocks become invalid.



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