Re: Is there a firewall that can block a particular connection?

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artech@xxxxxxxxx says...
> "Opera [Opera.exe] is trying to connect to
>[] using remote port 80 [HTTP -
> World Wide Web]. Do you want to allow this program to access the
> network?"
> If I choose "No" my firewall (Sygate) won't let Opera (my web browser)
> access ANY address. If I choose "Yes" the firewall will let Opera
> access ALL next addresses without further notification. I find this
> "all or nothing" tactic for the browser at least stupid and extremely
> unsafe!
> So is there a software firewall that would let me choose (with a click
> or two) to block a particular connection instead of the whole internet
> access for the browser?
Gordon, it's not a big deal to set Sygate to do what you want.
You don't need to have all or nothing with Opera. Do this in
Application Rules: Allow Opera; remote port 80, 443; act as
client not as server.
Go to tools/advanced rules/click add. Work the tabs L to R and
fill in the blanks with:
Description: block
Action: block
Remote Host-IP address:
Ports and Protocols: TCP; remote port 80; both in/out
Application: check Opera
Use the UP arrow and run this rule up near the top if
you have other adv. rules.

Thats it--Opera cannot connect to