Re: Ports getting hammered?

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> Duane Arnold wrote:
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>>>I no very little about firewalls.
>>>My setup:
>>>Cable access
>>>4 port SMC Barricade Router
>>>2 computers
>>>I recently installed ZoneAlarm and it is blocking attempts at port
>> And you know this is happening with WAN Internet IP(s) or LAN IP(s) -
>> your machines behind the router?
>>>I thought that having a physical firewall, like the SMC, stopped that at
>>>the router?
>> You may have something else happeing like some kind of mis-config of the
>> router and there are ports open or something like that or it's LAN
>> traffic that ZA is blocking.
>> Duane :)
> These were pings from WAN.
> Both computers are behind the SMC.
> I did have "Virtual Server" settings, in the SMC Firewall, with service
> ports 6881-6991 "enabled".
> I just unchecked/disabled them. I think I had them that way a long time
> ago for online gaming.
> Would that make a difference?

Of course manually opened ports are going to be probed.
Are those the ports in question?
Does the router have logging what model SMC router is this?

Duane :)