Re: Accessing the freedb cd database
Date: 11/25/05

Date: 25 Nov 2005 00:53:05 GMT

Geoff <> wrote:
> wrote:
>> Geoff <> wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>>Geoff <> wrote:
>>>>>I have a small LAN (XP, Debian,W98)via a Netcomm NB5+4W modem/router and
>>>>>am unable to access the freedb cd database.
>>>>>I read that the database uses ports 8880 and 80,if this is true do I
>>>>>need to forward both those ports to the box trying to access the database ?
>>>>>If this is the case,port 80 is already forwarded to the Debian box (
>>>>>I am new to the world of routers etc (unlearned)

>> Erm... sorry, that's your ISP ('Internet Service Provider'), I guess. I
>> used 'host' to mean 'computer'. Now, from which of your computers do you
>> try to access freedb, are there any errors in the router's log, and are
>> you certain your configuration is ok?
>> Joachim
> hehe, sorry Joachim
> Im trying to access the database via the XP box
> I dont even know if my router does logging :/
> Netcomm NB5Plus4W
> Im fairly sure router config is ok as all comps
> can access all that is needed so far (besides the database)
> Regards
> Geoff

Hmm, so the network should be fine. Checking isn't too easy from here,
of course... ;-)

Have you set up freedb access before? Did it work, then? Can you copy
the configuration data? (In other words, are you certain that the
application works?)

If that fails, could you run a packet sniffer while trying to connect
and post the results here (ethereal works for this - try to find a
text-based format without too much frills to save your data, or save it
as a tcpdump file and send it to me privately, as people won't be happy
if you post it here... get a Windows-based version from


P.S. Don't use your real address on Usenet, unless you like spam. I
learned it the hard way, too...