Re: ANy University/COllege admins out there?

From: DigitalVinyl (
Date: 11/19/05

Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 19:34:27 GMT

Triffid <> wrote:

>I would take the view that administration is a business, in particular
>one that manages personal information, while residences require ISP
>services. On that basis each would have a dedicated Internet connection,
>and there would be _no_ internal interconnections.
>In practice that probably won't fly - but it's your ideal architecture,
>so you assess risk and apply controls every time you are forced to deviate.

Well lawsuits and visits from the police to IT will slowly change
that. They have both happened since computer-based crimes are being
committed on campus, some using college systems and access.

the funny part is it is much easier to act as an ISP then to attempt
control over them and protect yourself from 10,000 somewhat-privileged
desktops inside your network. Hell, we protect ourselves from the 4
billion internet addresses everyday. 99.99% of all scans and attacks
that hit our desktops and servers are INSIDE the firewall. The
internet doesn't pose anywhere near the danger the internal community

Tracking down these units and policing them is time consuming and the
network staff here is pathetically size. Honestly, mgmt must be on
crack to think they could run this network with so few bodies.