Re: LAN access while VPN is up

From: Moe Trin (ibuprofin_at_painkiller.example.tld)
Date: 11/05/05

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    Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:03:17 -0600

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    >Tapes are a pain, but how else do you back up 200GB affordably, at home?

    Some depends on your threat model. If you're just worrying about a
    computer/disk failure, adding TWO backup servers with large disks
    (old PC with BIOS mod or an O/S that doesn't care, to use large disk)
    is likely a cheap alternative. On the other hand, protecting against
    earthquake, fire, flood or theft means storing the backups off site.

    >Nope, even the spot on the jewel case where the Phillips mark is
    >normally embossed is a blank rectangle. This one was published by EMI,
    >but they appear to have licensed the same cruft as Sony.

    Nice to know the indication of a bad disk - thanks!

    >I believe so, but I'm not about to file suit and I doubt the police
    >would show an interest.

    Might be nice to talk to a lawyer about a 'Class Action' type of lawsuit
    if these are allowed under Canadian law.

    >The music industry here managed to shoot itself in the foot rather
    >effectively a couple of years ago by convincing the government to
    >collect a levy on all blank media and distribute the proceeds to artists
    >as compensation for illegal copying of their works.

    How much was the levy? Is it worth buying over the border and paying
    the import duties?

    >but not at all surprised when courts ruled that payment of the levy
    >entitles the purchaser to store copyrighted material on the media.

    I'm sure that was a screw-up in the wording of the original law.
    Gotta love it though. "Well Done, Canada"!

            Old guy

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