File Sharing, Broadband and NAT

From: Davy (
Date: 10/26/05

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 10:05:10 +0100

Recently I have made some major changes to my PC which make me think that I
need to review my file sharing policy.

I have moved from dial-up internet to broadband and installed a 3Com router

The home network has 3 PCs which have file sharing enabled on all drives
The Share Permissions tab allows 'Network' change/read permissions. The
'Security' tab allows 'Everyone' full control. (MS Office gives problems
if I don't allow full access). This sounds a bit risky but as I understand
it 'everyone' means anyone who logs on with the correct username and
password. However, I must admit to being confused between the W2k
'Shares' properties 'Share Permissions' and 'Security'.

Since the NAT on the router makes the PCs invisible to the outside world and
the file shares are protected by password access then it seems safe.

My installation is:
Office 2000
Outpost PFW
The PCs are not logged on with admin privileges except when doing Windows
The router provides IP addresses to the PCs

Any thoughts?