Re: ZoneALarm 6 and USB

From: Craig (
Date: 10/15/05

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 22:32:01 GMT

"Mike Lee" <> wrote...

> |Hi all, has any one had any problems and ZoneAlarm 6?
> TO be exact I downloaded the 15 day trial version and ran it.
> No problems very nice, BUT as soon as I plug in ANY USB device example USB
> pen or printer or scanner or camera then I UNPLUGG the device my PC will
> reboot, no matter what USB device I try to unplug.
> My PC is clean install Windows 2000 pro with all MS updates, 512 meg DDR
> ram, Athlone 2000+ cpu at 1.67 Ghz.
> If I use ZoneAlarm I get no USB problems at all, it works
> perfectly, so why cant I run ZoneAlarm 6?
> I tried running ZoneAlarm 6.0 security sweet on a clean install Win2000
> and still same USB problem.
> TIA.
> Mike.

  No problems here with the latest ZA Pro but I use Windows XPHome. Just one
thought, though. The New v6 ZA seems to strongly prefer a Clean Installation
rather than one which keeps and uses your previous ZA settings. Have you
tried a clean install? Other than that, all I can suggest is to check into
the ZA Forums at and see if anyone else
shares your problem or has a solution.


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