Re: Ok to let all ICMP traffic through firewall?
Date: 10/10/05

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    Date: 9 Oct 2005 19:07:29 -0700

    Klaus Petrat wrote:
    > On 9 Oct 2005 10:22:09 -0700, wrote:
    > > Details about ICMP
    > Thank you for the additional information. My problem is now, that I
    > face during an evening several interruptings of my connection to the
    > internet. These problems began, I think, when I switched on the XP
    > fire wall. So I assumed, that my provider send messages like a ping to
    > see, if my pc is still on line. So I switched nearly all ICMP options
    > on, but it didn'd help. The following icmp-options are marked now as
    > accepted:
    > - Eingehende Echoanforderungen zulassen
    > Is it Echo or is it Echo reply ?
    > - Nicht verfügbares ausgehendes Ziel zulassen
    > Destination unreachable ?
    > - Ausgehende Zeitüberschreitung zulassen
    > Time exeeded ?
    > - Ausgehendes Parameterproblem zulassen
    > Parameter Problem ?
    > My Windows is a german version, so I have only the german texts of the
    > options available, sorry.
    > Klaas

    ISP interruptions of service, probably nothing whatsoever to do with

    and I would be suprised if there is that link you say. That when the
    windows firewall is on you have problems.

    you could try turning the windows firewall off, see if you still have
    problems. but that can possibly be a bit of a security hazard. You
    could try a different personal firewall. or shutdown any windows
    services listening on (netstat -an will list services).

    Actually, if you're behind a home router, you can turn off the windows
    firewall and you'll certainly be fine.

    do and type ipconfig, and see what ip address it
    gives you. If it's like then you're behind a home router.
    so it's not so bad to turn off the windows firewall.

    I think your diagnosis that the windows firewall being on causes
    problems, might be a misdiagnosis. Maybe your ISP is just bad.

    Key test of your diagnosis is to try without the windows firewall.

    Your diagnosis isn't really a diagnosis because you just think you've
    foudn a link between one thing and another thing (wuindows firewall adn
    interruptions). you havent' really tested it(tried running without the
    windows firewall). And you know of no reason (ICMP theory is not it),
    why the windows firewall being on would cause interruption problems.

    Bad Firewall settings don't cause interruption problems. THey either
    block or allow. no temperamental behaviour there. And Firewalls that
    don't work don't disconnect you, especially not temperamentally.

    Do you have a router? may be it's faulty. It could be the router is
    bad. Though usuaslly rouetrs have to be turned off and on to fix their
    temperamental problems. If you just get an interruption temporarily,
    that is starnge. Maybe you should investigate what you mean by an
    interruption, whether you're completely knocked off the internet,
    whether you have an ip from your 'home router'. e.t.c. what the
    symprtoms of the interruption are.

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